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LEMONA x DR.YOU Gummy Vitamin C (43g) | 韩国 Lemona 维他命C柠檬软糖 | 健康零食

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Expiry Date: 2022/12

LEMONA x DR.YOU Gummy Vitamin C (43g) | 韩国 Lemona 维他命C柠檬软糖 | 健康零食

 Amzbeauty96's Share with You:
:: As a snack for all family
:: Contains 500mg of vitamin C per bag
:: Increase immunity
:: Relieve fatigue
:: Lemon flavor
:: Intake anytime, anywhere

:: This product is a Vitamin Lemon Gummy jointly developed by Lemona & Dr. You!

:: One packet of gummies, can meet the body's three vitamin intake needs.

:: Vitamin C (500mg) is the vitamin that the human body needs almost every day.
+ It stimulates collagen growth and strengthens connective tissue, preventing virus invasion and making our cells more resistant to virus attack.
+ At the same time can promote iron and calcium absorption.

:: Vitamin B2 (2mg)
+ It helps us convert the food we eat into energy and relieve fatigue.

:: Vitamin B6 (5mg)
+ It helps make coenzymes for protein and amino acid metabolism and plays a role in sleep, immune function, and cardiovascular health.

:: The sweet and sour gummies are delicious and healthy, each in the shape of a cube.

:: Individually sealed bags are clean and hygienic for easy storage and carrying.

:: Who is it for ?
+ People who need energy after a hard day's work.
+ People who want to prepare health supplements for the whole family.

:: 作为全家人的零食
:: 每袋含有 500mg 维生素 C
:: 增加免疫力
:: 缓解疲劳感
:: 柠檬口味
:: 随时随地摄取

:: 该产品是由 Lemona & Dr. You 联合研发的维生素柠檬软糖!

:: 1包软糖,可满足人体3种维生素摄入需求。

:: 维生素C (500mg) 是人体每天最需要的维生素。
+ 它能刺激胶原蛋白的生长并强健结缔组织,从而防止病毒入侵,让我们的细胞更能抵抗病毒的攻击。
+ 同时可以促进铁、钙的吸收。

:: 维生素B2 (2mg)
+ 它能帮助我们将所吃的食物转化为能量,并缓解疲劳。

:: 维生素B6 (5mg)
+ 它有助于制造蛋白质和氨基酸代谢的辅酶,并在在睡眠、免疫功能和心血管健康上发挥作用。

:: 酸酸甜甜的软糖既美味又健康,每颗都是立方体形状。

:: 独立的密封袋包装,干净卫生,易于储存和携带。

:: 适用于以下人群:
+ 辛苦工作一天后需要能量的人。
+ 想为全家人准备健康保健品的人。

How To Use:
:: After eating one packet a day, you can meet the daily nutritional standard.

:: 每天吃一包,即可达到每日营养的标准。

1. Since this product contains pork ingredients, Muslim compatriots should be careful to buy it.

2. The product has a lot of moisture inside, the texture is soft, and it is easily affected by high temperatures. Therefore, store it in a place below 30° and avoid sunlight.

1. 由于该产品含有猪肉成分,穆斯林同胞请慎入购买。

2. 产品内部水分较多,质地柔软,易受高温影响。因此存放在30°以下和避免阳光照射的地方。

Product Specifications:
- Brand : LEMONA x DR.YOU
- Made In Korea
- 1ea x 43g

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