• Kobayashi SEIYAKU Back Acne Remedy Spray (100ml)

Japan KOBAYASHI SEIYAKU Back Acne Remedy Spray (100ml) | 日本 背部治疗 去除粉刺 痘痘 喷雾剂

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Kobayashi SEIYAKU Back Acne Remedy Spray (100ml) | 日本 背部治疗 去除粉刺 痘痘 喷雾剂

 Amzbeauty96's Share with You:
:: Treat back acne and décolleté acne
:: Bactericidal, redness improving and tissue repair effect
:: Low irritation and moisturize
:: Spray that easily over a wide area
:: Easy to use and spray

:: Ingredients of weakly acidic
+ It is mild and moisturizing to the skin.

:: Bactericidal Effect
+ Salicylic acid to softens dead skin cells and removes clogged pores.
+ Sterilizes the causative bacteria of repeated lumps.

:: Redness improving effect
+ Allantoin can calm the inflammation and reduces redness.

:: Tissue repair effect
+ To improve tissue and make the skin soft and smooth.

 :: Wide range injection spray
+ When the injection away 15cm from the affected area cover up to a range of 135mm.

:: 治疗背部粉刺和肩部粉刺
:: 杀菌、改善红肿和组织修复效果
:: 低刺激和滋润
:: 轻松喷洒大面积
:: 容易使用和喷涂

:: 弱酸性成分
+ 它对皮肤温和且保湿。

:: 杀菌作用
+ 水杨酸可软化死皮细胞并去除堵塞的毛孔。
+ 对反复肿块的致病菌进行杀菌。

:: 改善红肿效果
+ 尿囊素可以镇静炎症并减少发红。

:: 组织修复效果
+ 改善组织和使皮肤柔软光滑。

 :: 大范围注射喷雾
+ 当注射距离患处区域 15 厘米时,覆盖范围可达 135 毫米。

How To Use:
:: After cleansing back or bath, wipe off the water with a towel.
:: Take an appropriate amount and spray on the affected area twice a day (morning and evening).

:: 清洁背部或者沐浴后,用毛巾擦去水分。
:: 每天两次(早晚)取适量喷在患处。

Product Specifications:
- Brand :  Kobayashi | SenaCure
- Made In Japan
- 1ea x 100ml

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