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KLAVUU Phytoncide Quick Cleansing Pad (380ml/100pads) | 韩国 KLAVUU 温和卸妆棉片

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KLAVUU Phytoncide Quick Cleansing Pad (380ml/100pads) | 韩国 KLAVUU 温和卸妆棉片 

 AMZBEAUTY96's Share with You:
:: Exfoliation
:: Pore care
:: Skin soothing
:: Moisturizing
:: Cleans makeup

:: KLAVUU's Phytoncide Quick Cleansing pads provide a comprehensive solution for daily cleansing and pore management.

:: The pads contain a cleansing essence that effectively cares for keratin, pores, and sebum.

:: Quickly cleans makeup and impurities and moisturize.

:: Low-irritation pads has pH 5.0-6.0, water free, no animal testing, alcohol free, silicone free, paraben free, vegan formula, no artificial fragrance and no artificial color.

:: The Tannin Complex HR is a patented complex ingredient extracted from various natural sources such as persimmon leaves, grapes, coffee beans, Carthamus tinctorius, polygonum cuspidatum root, green tea, chestnut bark, and zanthoxylum piperitum. This ingredient is known for its ability to refine pores and control sebum production in the skin.

:: Salix Alba (Willow) Bark Extract is a natural source of salicylic acid that helps to improve skin texture by exfoliating dead skin cells.

:: Cypress water extract is a natural purifying agent that helps to soothe and relieve fatigue skin.

:: Triple hyaluronic acid is a combination of low-molecular weight, medium-molecular weight, and high-molecular weight hyaluronic acid, which provides excellent moisture care for the skin.

:: Orange oil is included in the product to provide a natural fragrance, without any artificial ingredients.

:: Overall, using the pads can provide exfoliation, pore care, skin soothing, and moisturizing benefits all in one application.
:: Recommend those who want to complete all facial cleansing at once easily and perfectly and need to clean pores and skin flakes.

:: 去角质
:: 毛孔护理
:: 舒缓皮肤
:: 保湿
:: 卸妆

:: KLAVUU Phytoncide Quick Cleansing Pad 提供全面的日常清洁和毛孔管理解决方案。

:: 这些清洁垫含有能有效护理角质、毛孔和皮脂的清洁精华水。

:: 快速清洁化妆品和杂质,同时滋润肌肤。

:: 低刺激配方,pH值5.0-6.0、不含水、无动物测试、不含酒精、无硅油、不含对羟基苯甲酸酯、素食配方、不含人工香料、不含人工色素。

:: Tannin Complex HR是一种专利的复合成分,从柿叶、葡萄、咖啡豆、红花、莲藕、绿茶、栗树皮和花椒提取而来。此成分可以细致毛孔和控制皮脂分泌。

:: 白柳树皮提取物是一种天然水杨酸来源,有助于通过去角质去除死皮细胞,改善肌肤质地。

:: 柏树水提取物是一种天然净化剂,有助于舒缓和缓解疲劳的皮肤。

:: 三重玻尿酸是低分子量、中分子量和高分子量玻尿酸的组合,为肌肤提供优秀的保湿护理。

:: 产品中添加了橙油,提供天然香气,不含任何人工成分。

:: 总体来说,使用这清洁垫可以在一次应用中提供去角质、毛孔护理、皮肤舒缓和保湿的好处。

:: 推荐给想要一次轻松完美完成所有面部清洁,需要清洁毛孔和角质的人群。

How To Use:
1. Focus on cleaning the bridge of the nose, forehead, and cheeks first with the embossed side of the pad.
2. Wipe the entire face again with the smooth side of the pad for a moist finish.
3. Lightly wash with lukewarm water.

Tip:A generous amount of cleansing essence is held within the pad, so the content may get into the eyes when first applied to the eye area. Clean a large area such as the bridge of the nose, forehead, and cheeks first, and then gently clean the eye area.

***** The cleansing essence of the cleansing pad is water-based. We therefore recommend using a dedicated remover on strong, waterproof products.

1. 使用凹凸面清洁鼻梁、额头和脸颊。
2. 使用光滑面轻轻擦拭整个面部,使肌肤保持湿润。
3. 用温水轻轻洗净。


**** 清洁棉垫中的清洁精华是水基的,因此我们建议在清洁较强、防水化妆品时,请使用专用卸妆液。

Product Specifications:
- Brand : KLAVUU
- Made In Korea
- 1ea x 380ml / 100pads

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