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KLAVUU Phytoncide Peeling Gel (80ml) | 韩国 Klavuu 最新升级版 植物去角质啫喱

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Expiry Date: 2026/04

KLAVUU Phytoncide Peeling Gel (80ml) | 韩国 Klavuu 最新升级版 植物去角质啫喱

 AMZBEAUTY96's Share with You:
This peeling gel is a gentle exfoliator formulated with EWG-verified ingredients and BHA and LHA to buff away dead skin cells and improve skin texture. Phytoncide from Jeju cypress leaf water is infused in the formula to protect skin from external aggressors.

:: AFTER Peeling
+ Bright and clear complexion.
+ Silky skin.
+ Excellent absorption of active skin care ingredients.
+ Clean pores to relieve skin stress.

:: Ingredients are safe and effective for the skin
+ Skin soothing.
+ Moisture replenishment.
+ Moisture retention.
+ Keratin care.

:: An exfoliator formulated with EWG verified ingredients helps improve skin texture and skin tone.

:: Contains BHA and LHA to buff away dead skin cells and improve skin texture.
+ Salix Alba (Willow) Bark Extract - Natural BHA gently dissolves and removes sebum and impurities/ debris in pores leaving your skin clear and radiant.
+ LHA - The fourth generation hypoallergenic next-generation peeling ingredient causes minimal irritation to the skin, leaving only moisturizing ingredients and healthy keratin for a clean, clear complexion.

:: Rich Phytoncide from Cypress Leaf Water from Jeju purifies and protects skin from external aggressors with efficacy.

:: Panthenol
+ Vitamin B5 forms a moisture barrier on the skin and boost vitality.

:: Houttuynia cordata extract
+ Helps to retain healthy skin with moisturizing and soothing care for skin that is sensitive to external factors.

:: Ecocert cellulose
+ Organic cellulose helps to retain smooth skin by inducing gentle exfoliation of impurities and debris on the skin's surface.

:: Dermatologically tested.

:: Free from parabens, mineral oil and silicon.

:: Texture - Moisturizing gel with cellulose.

KLAVUU Phytoncide Peeling Gel (80ml) | 韩国 Klavuu 最新升级版 植物去角质啫喱

:: 去角质后
+ 提亮肤色,使肤色清晰明亮。
+ 丝般柔滑的肌肤。
+ 更好的吸收活性护肤成分。
+ 清洁毛孔,缓解肌肤压力。

:: 成分安全有效
+ 舒缓肌肤。
+ 补水滋润。
+ 保湿。
+ 去除角质。

:: 采用EWG认证的成分制成的去角质产品能够改善肌肤纹理和肤色。

:: 含有BHA和LHA成分,能够轻柔地去除死皮细胞,改善肌肤纹理。
+ 白柳树皮提取物 - 天然BHA成分轻柔地溶解并去除毛孔中的油脂和杂质,使肌肤清晰明亮。
+ LHA - 第四代低过敏性下一代剥落成分对肌肤刺激最小,只留下滋润成分和健康角质,使肌肤干净、清爽。

:: 济州岛柏树叶水中富含植物醇,能够净化和保护肌肤免受外部侵害。

:: 泛醇
+ 维生素B5能够在肌肤上形成一层水分屏障,增强活力。

:: 鱼腥草提取物
+ 有助于保持健康的肌肤,对容易受到外部因素刺激的肌肤进行滋润和舒缓护理。

:: Ecocert纤维素
+ 有机纤维素有助于在肌肤表面诱导轻柔的去角质和清洁杂质,保持肌肤光滑。

:: 经过皮肤科医师测试。

:: 不含对羟基苯甲酸酯、矿物油和硅。

:: 质地 - 含有纤维素的保湿凝胶。

How To Use:
1. Cleans makeup.
2. Gently dry your face, With a little moisture remaining on the skin, apply a moderate amount of peeling gel. Rub the entire area gently for 1 to 2 minutes with your fingertips. And keratin will be sufficiently removed. There is no need to rub hard.
 3. When aged keratin has been removed, wash with lukewarm water.

1. 卸妆。
2. 轻轻地擦干脸部,保留一些水分在皮肤上,涂上适量的去角质凝胶。用指尖轻轻按摩整个区域1至2分钟,角质将被充分去除。无需用力搓揉。
3. 当老化的角质被去除后,用温水冲洗。

Product Specifications:
- Brand : KLAVUU
- Made In Korea
- 80ml

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