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Japan WHITE CONC Body Shampoo (360ml) | 2 Types | 日本 White Conc 全身美白沐浴露 | 2款香味选择

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Japan WHITE CONC Body Shampoo (360ml) | 2 Types | 日本 White Conc 全身美白沐浴露 | 2款香味选择

 Amzbeauty96's Share with You:
:: Awarded No. 1 in Japanese Body Wash
:: Whitening the whole body
:: Moisturizing
:: Exfoliation
:: Rich foam
:: Fresh scent

:: It won the No.1 in the Japan Cosme Awards and Rakuten Body Wash category.

:: You can whiten your whole body by taking a shower.

:: Vitamin C derivatives have antioxidant properties that can help the skin absorb subsequent whitening products and are also a good helper against melanin.

:: Citric acid softens cuticles and prevents melanin deposits caused by cuticle buildup.

:: Niacinamide can inhibit the growth of melanin and make the skin brighter.

:: Vitamin E has a moisturizing effect.

:: The rich foam effectively cleanses the sebum and dead skin on the skin.

- 2 types to choice -
1. Normal (Original)
2. Limited Edition (Yuzu)

:: 荣获日本沐浴露第1名
:: 美白全身
:: 保湿补水
:: 去除角质
:: 泡沫丰富
:: 香味清新

:: 它获得了日本 Cosme 大奖和乐天沐浴露类别的No.1。

:: 你可以通过淋浴来美白你的全身。

:: 维生素C衍生物具有抗氧化特性,可以帮助皮肤吸收后续的美白产品,也是对抗黑色素的好帮手。

:: 柠檬酸能 软化角质层并防止由角质层堆积引起的黑色素沉积。

:: 烟酰胺可以抑制黑色素的生长,使皮肤更白皙。

:: 维生素E具有保湿作用。

:: 丰富的泡沫有效清洁皮肤上的皮脂和死皮。

- 2款可供选择 -
1. 常规款 (原味)
2. 限定款 (柚子)

How To Use:
:: Apply a small amount to hands and lightly massage into wet skin in circular motions, then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

:: You can use it with a bath ball or brush to create a rich foam for a more comfortable bath.

:: 取少量于手上,再以打圈的方式轻轻按摩至湿润的皮肤,然后用温水彻底冲洗干净。

:: 你可以将它与沐浴球或沐浴刷一起使用,以产生丰富的泡沫并享受更舒适的沐浴体验。

Product Specifications:
- Brand : WHITE CONC
- Made In Japan
- 1ea x 360ml (Original | Fresh Yuzu)

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