• JAPAN UNO Men All In One UV Perfection Gel (80g) SPF30 PA+++

JAPAN UNO Men All In One UV Perfection Gel (80g) SPF30 PA+++ | 日本 UNO 男士 清爽凝胶面霜 含防晒系数 | 5 IN 1 | 5合1

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JAPAN UNO Men Cream Perfection (90g) | 5IN1 日本 UNO 男士 清爽凝胶面霜 5合1 集于一瓶

 Amzbeauty96's Share with You:
:: All-in-one gel cream
:: With SPF30 PA+++ sunscreen
:: Preventing melanin, spots and freckles
:: Soothes the discomfort after shaving
:: Cool and non-sticky formula
:: Suitable for Men with oily, normal, dry skin
:: Use in the morning

:: Men All-in-one gel cream for "rough skin, acne prevention, shine, dryness, and UV care" with one all-season product.

:: It has the functions of a UV sunblock ( SPF30 PA+++).

:: Can be used immediately on freshly shaved skin.

:: It contains oil control powder that prevents oiliness and avoid shine.

:: Contains dipotassium glycyrrhizinate reduces inflammation and prevents skin irritation and acne.

:: Contains "m-tranexamic acid" to prevent rough skin, suppress melanin production, and prevent blemishes and freckles.

:: Formulated with barrier ingredients to help skin conditioning and moisturizing.
:: Cool and non-sticky feel even in summer.

:: Suitable use in the morning and for all type.

:: 多合一凝胶霜
:: 含 SPF30 PA+++ 防晒霜
:: 预防黑色素、斑点和雀斑
:: 舒缓剃须后的不适
:: 冷爽、不粘腻的配方
:: 适合油性、中性、干性皮肤的男士
:: 早上使用

:: 男士多合一凝胶霜,一款全季节产品,可用于“粗糙皮肤、预防粉刺、光泽、干燥和紫外线护理”。

:: 它具有紫外线防晒霜的功能(SPF30 PA+++)。

:: 可立即用于刚剃过的皮肤上。

:: 含有控油粉,防止油腻,避免油光。

:: 含有甘草酸二钾可减少炎症并防止皮肤刺激和粉刺。

:: 含有“m-传明酸”,可防止皮肤粗糙,抑制黑色素生成,防止色斑和雀斑。

:: 含有屏障成分,有助于调理和滋润肌肤。
:: 即使在夏天也有冷爽和不粘腻的感觉。

:: 适用于早晨和所有类型。

How To Use:
:: Apply an almond sized amount over entire face after cleansing while paying special attention to the T-zone, cheeks and chin.

:: Can also be used on the body.

:: 洁面后,取杏仁大小的量涂抹于全脸,特别注意T区、脸颊和下巴。

:: 也可用于身体上。

Product Specifications:
- Brand : SHISEIDO | Uno
- Made in Japan
- 1ea x 80g

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