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JAPAN RYUKAKUSAN Throat Refreshing Candy (3 Flavors) | Sore Throat | 日本 龙角散 草本润喉糖 3款口味

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JAPAN RYUKAKUSAN Throat Refreshing Candy (3 Flavors) | Sore Throat | 日本 龙角散 草本润喉糖 3款口味

 Amzbeauty96's Share with You:
:: Quickly soothes sore throat
:: Combined with herbs produced in japan    
:: Having chamomile and quince as main ingredients
:: Ryukakusan herb powders contained in.  
:: 19 kinds of herb extracts combination

:: Take when you are feeling.....
+ Throat irritation, overused throat, dry throat, for refreshment, outdoor worker and ect.

- 3 flavor to choice -

:: RYUKAKUSAN Throat Refreshing Candy With Loquat Leaf (100g)
+ Loquat leaves are specially added to enhance refreshing effect of the throat.
+ You can enjoy refreshing yourself when your throat is dried or irritated.

:: RYUKAKUSAN Throat Refreshing Candy (75g) Classic & Blueberry
+ It is a sugarless candy good for your throat and eyes.
+ Contains anthocyanin which is supposed to be kind to your eyes.
+ Sugar-Free formula for the people who care about sugar and calories.
+ Containing vitamin C and β-carotene.

:: RYUKAKUSAN Throat Refreshing Candy (80g) Peach
+ Contains 100 microns of Ryukakusan herbal powder inside the candy reaches the throat to refresh and soothe the throat.
+ Experience the cool refreshing  feel twice in each candy
+ Peach Flavor

:: 快速舒缓喉咙痛
:: 结合日本产的草药
:: 以洋甘菊和榅桲为主要成分
:: 含有龙角散草本粉末
:: 19种草药提取物组合

:: 当你有感觉的时候服用.....
+ 咽喉不适,用嗓子过度,喉咙干燥,想要提神时,户外工作者等。

- 3 种口味可供选择 -

:: RYUKAKUSAN 润喉糖 (100g) 含枇杷叶
+ 特别添加枇杷叶,增强喉咙的清凉效果。
+ 当您的喉咙干燥或受到刺激时,给咽喉提供清涼舒适感。

:: RYUKAKUSAN 润喉糖 (75g) 黑加仑&蓝莓
+ 它是一种对喉咙和眼睛有益的无糖份糖果。
+ 含有对眼睛有益的花青素。
+ 无糖配方,适用于关心糖分和卡路里的人士。
+ 含有维生素 C 和 β-胡萝卜素。

:: RYUKAKUSAN 润喉糖 (80g) 桃子
+ 在糖果中含有 100 微米的龙角散草本粉末,使喉咙清凉舒缓。
+ 每颗糖果,可体验两次清凉的感觉。
+ 桃子味。

How To Use:
:: Take a piece, please enjoy without chewing and helps to refreshing the throat.

:: 取1颗,不咀嚼,有助于清润喉咙。

Product Specifications:
- Made In Japan
- 1bag (3 flavors to choice)

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