• PIGEON Baby Peach Leaf Lotion (200ml)

Japan PIGEON Baby Peach Leaf Lotion (200ml) | 日本 Pigeon 桃子乳液 婴儿乳液 痱子 保湿

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Japan PIGEON Baby Peach Leaf Lotion (200ml) | 日本 Pigeon 桃子乳液 婴儿乳液 痱子 保湿

 Amzbeauty96's Share with You:
:: Suitable to use for heat rash and all skin
:: Non-greasy, non-sticky and feels light on skin
:: Skin feels cool and refresh after applying.
:: Moisturize skin.
:: Free from paraben, alcohol, coloring and fragrance.
:: Can be used on babies and adults.

:: Formulated with peach leaf extract and aloe arborescens contains hydrating substances to moisturize and maintain your baby's soft skin.

:: Low-viscosity lotion easy to apply and spread.

:: It can quickly repair baby's diaper rash, and eczema make the skin get anti-inflammatory and calming effects.

:: Even sensitive skin, regardless of the season from babies to adults, you can use all year round.

:: 适用于痱子和所有皮肤
:: 不油腻,不粘腻,肌肤无负担
:: 使用后皮肤感觉凉爽和清爽
:: 滋润肌肤
:: 不含防腐剂、酒精、着色剂和香料
:: 可用于婴儿和成人

:: 由桃叶提取物和芦荟配制而成,含有保湿物质,可滋润和保持宝宝柔软的皮肤。

:: 低粘度乳液易于涂抹。

:: 能快速修复宝宝的尿布疹,湿疹使皮肤得到消炎镇定的效果。

:: 即使是敏感肌肤,无论从婴儿到成人的季节,都可以全年使用。

How To Use:
:: After bath, wipe off the water with a towel.
:: Take an appropriate amount and gently apply it onto skin

:: 沐浴后,用毛巾擦去水分。
:: 取适量轻柔涂抹于肌肤。

Product Specifications:
- Brand : Pigeon
- Made in Japan
- 1ea x 200ml

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