• MUHI S2A Anti-Itch Liquid (50ml)

Japan MUHI Mopiko S2A Anti-Itch Liquid (50ml) 日本 Muhi 无比滴 蚊虫叮咬 止痒水

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Japan MUHI Mopiko S2A Anti-Itch Liquid (50ml) 日本 Muhi  无比滴 蚊虫叮咬 止痒水

 Amzbeauty96's Share with You:
:: Quickly stop itching
:: Soothes redness of mosquito bites
:: Plant Ingredients
:: Cooling feel
:: Easy to spray and carry

:: MUHI S2A is a anti-inflammatory liquid of mosquito anti-itch
+ Can effectively deal with red, swollen and itchy symptoms caused by mosquito bites.

:: Quickly apply to "itch", and "swelling/redness".
+ It contains two active ingredients, an ingredient that inhibits "itching" (diphenhydramine hydrochloride) and an ingredient that inhibits inflammation that causes "swelling and redness" (dexamethasone acetate).

:: Can quickly relieve the skin discomfort caused by mosquito bites, can be use at anytime.

:: Cool and refresh after use, soothe the skin
+ Two refreshing ingredients (ℓ-menthol, dl-camphor) and the unique soothing refreshing sensation of liquid help to quickly relieve itching.

:: Does not stain hands and is easy to apply
+ Humanized design, the bottle is a blue curved sponge, just press twice on the affected area.

:: Recommend used for 6 months above after birth.

:: Efficacy Itching, insect bites, rash, eczema, urticaria, dermatitis, etc.

:: 快速止痒
:: 舒缓蚊虫叮咬发红
:: 植物成分
:: 清凉感
:: 易于喷涂和携带

:: MUHI S2A 蚊子止痒消炎液
+ 能有效应对蚊虫叮咬引起的红肿发痒症状。

:: 快速适用于“痒”和“肿胀/发红”。
+ 它含有两种活性成分,一种抑制“瘙痒”的成分(盐酸苯海拉明)和一种抑制引起“肿胀和发红”的炎症的成分(醋酸地塞米松)。

:: 能快速缓解蚊虫叮咬引起的皮肤不适,可随时使用。

:: 用后含有清凉感,舒缓肌肤
+ 两种清爽成分(ℓ-薄荷醇、dl-樟脑)和独特的舒缓清凉感液体有助于快速止痒。

:: 不会弄脏手且易于涂抹
+ 人性化设计,瓶身为蓝色弧形喷头,在患处按两下即可。

:: 建议在出生后 6 个月以上使用。

:: 功效 止痒、虫咬、皮疹、湿疹、荨麻疹、皮炎等。

How To Use:
:: Apply to affected areas such as itching, mosquito bites, dermatitis, macula, urticaria, etc., or several times a day.

:: 涂抹于瘙痒、蚊虫叮咬、皮炎、斑疹、荨麻疹等患处,可一日数次。

Product Specifications:
- Brand : MUHI
- Made In Japan
- 1ea x 50ml

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