• Minon Amino Moist Puru Puru Moist Skin Mask (22ml x 4 Sheets)

Japan MINON Amino Moist "Puru Puru" Moist Skin Mask (22ml x 4 Sheets) | 日本 Minon 低敏干燥肌 保湿面膜

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Japan MINON Amino Moist "Puru Puru" Moist Skin Mask (22ml x 4 Sheets) | 日本 Minon 低敏干燥肌 保湿面膜

 Amzbeauty96's Share with You:
:: Special Care for intensive moisturizing
:: For the made thinking of sensitive skin, dry skin
:: This mask is soft and gentle on the skin
:: Fragrance-free, colorant-free, weakly acidic, alcohol-free, paraben-free

:: Each facial mask is generously soaked in unique gel serum that penetrates into skin to provide extreme intensive moisture, leaving skin soft, supple and infused with moisture.

:: Special care with rich moisturizing for sensitive skin and dry skin.

:: Specially formulated for sensitive skin that is prone to roughness and irritation.

::: Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles caused by dryness.

:: Provide moisturising ingredients help to support barrier function, helping skin retain moisture more effectively.

:: Made from a soft, form-fitting sheet with fibers that adhere closely to your skin without dripping.

:: Low stimulus, fragrance-free, colorant-free, weakly acidic, alcohol-free.

:: 密集保湿的特殊护理
:: 针对敏感肌肤、干性肌肤
:: 这款面膜对肌肤柔软温和
:: 无香料、无着色剂、弱酸性、无酒精、无防腐剂

:: 每张面膜都充分浸泡在独特的凝胶精华液中,凝胶精华液可渗透到皮肤中,提供极度密集的水分,使皮肤柔软、柔软并充满水分。

:: 为敏感肌肤和干性肌肤提供丰富保湿的特殊护理。

:: 专为容易粗糙和刺激的敏感肌肤配制。

::: 有助于减少由干燥引起的细纹和皱纹的出现。

:: 提供保湿成分有助于支持屏障功能,帮助皮肤更有效地保持水分。

:: 由柔软贴身的床单制成,纤维紧密贴合您的皮肤,不会滴落。

:: 低刺激、无香料、无色素、弱酸性、无酒精。

How To Use:
1. After you have trimmed the skin with lotion, spread remove the mask from the bag.
2. After you align the mask to the eyes, attached to the position of the forehead and mouth, should be brought into close contact with the entire face.
3. Peel off the mask from at about 10 to 15 minutes. Please gel beauty liquid remaining on the skin and rub in the palm of your hand until absorb.

1. 用化妆水整顿皮肤后,将面膜从袋子中取出。
2. 将面膜对准眼睛后,贴在额头和嘴巴的位置,要紧贴全脸。
3. 在大约 10 到 15 分钟后撕下面膜。 请将残留在皮肤上的美容液凝胶,并在使用手揉搓至吸收。

Product Specifications:
- Brand : Minon
- Made in Japan
- 1 box (22ml x 4 sheets)

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