• Kobayashi Liquid Plaster (10g)

Japan KOBAYASHI Liquid Plaster (10g) WATER PROOF Plaster | 日本 小林制药 液体绊创膏 伤口防水保护液 | 防水伤口贴

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Japan KOBAYASHI Liquid Plaster (10g) WATER PROOF Plaster | 日本 小林制药 液体绊创膏 伤口防水保护液 | 防水伤口贴

 Amzbeauty96's Share with You:
:: Liquid plaster with a brush
:: Easy to use and apply
:: Covers and protects painful wounds
:: Water-proof and thin film plaster
:: Transparent, colourless type
:: Tested to be low-allergenic

:: Sakamukea bandage plaster comes in a liquid form and can be applied directly on your scars and chapped skin with a handy brush applicator.

:: Fast drying liquid bandage plaster which covers and protects painful wounds when doing such as kitchen work and taking shower.

:: This unique bandage plaster works like a film covering the surface of the skin and repelling the water.

:: It also protects the scars from the entrance of bacterias or other harmful elements.

:: The product is clear, colourless and sterilization function.

:: Kobayashi liquid plaster is tested to be low-allergenic, it will not cause skin irritations, safe and reliable to use.

:: Ideals for Hangnail, Cut, Abrasion, Scratch, Crack, OR small wounds caused by household cooking and washing.

:: 带刷子的液体胶布贴
:: 容易使用和擦上
:: 覆盖和保护疼痛的伤口
:: 防水薄膜胶布
:: 质地透明无色
:: 低过敏性测试

:: Sakamukea 液体形式的伤口贴,使用刷子直接涂抹在疤痕和皲裂的皮肤上。

:: 快干液体胶布贴,当在做厨房工作和洗澡时,可覆盖和保护疼痛的伤口。

:: 这种独特的胶布贴就像一层薄膜覆盖皮肤表面,并排斥水分。

:: 它还可以保护疤痕免受细菌或其他有害元素的侵入。

:: 产品透明、无色且具有杀菌功能。

:: Kobayashi 通过低过敏性测试,不会引起皮肤刺激,使用安全可靠。

:: 适用于挂钉、割伤、磨损、划痕、裂纹或因家庭烹饪和洗涤而造成的小伤口。

How To Use:
:: Clean the affected area, apply a proper amount to the wound and leave it to dry to formed a transparent film .

:: 清洁患处,取适量涂抹在伤口上,待其晾干形成透明薄膜。

Product Specifications:
- Brand :  Kobayashi | Sakamukea
- Made In Japan
- 1ea x 10g

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