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Japan HISAMITSU SALONPAS Ae Pain Relief Patch (20 Patches x 7 Packets) 140 Patches | 久光制药 萨隆巴斯 止痛贴

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Japan Hisamitsu SALONPAS Ae Pain Relief Patch (20 Patches x 7 Packets) 140 Patches |  久光制药 萨隆巴斯 止痛贴

 Amzbeauty96's Share with You:
:: No. 1 sales in Japan
:: Contains vitamin E that promotes blood circulation
:: Inhibits inflammation and relieves pain
:: Regain the best condition quickly
:: More effective than analgesic cream
:: Easy to use

:: Contains vitamin E to promote blood circulation.

:: With strong medicinal permeability, it can effectively relieve various pains and inflammations caused by muscle strain and work.

:: The plaster sticks to the affected area, effectively locks in the power of the medicine, and exerts a lasting pain relief effect.

:: Efficacy - Stiff shoulder, back pain, muscle pain, muscle fatigue, bruising, sprains, joint pain, bone fracture pain, frostbite.

:: 日本销量第一
:: 含有促进血液循环的维生素E
:: 抑制炎症和减轻疼痛
:: 快速恢复最佳状态
:: 比镇痛膏更有效
:: 容易使用

:: 含有促进血液循环的维生素E。

:: 具有极强的药用渗透性,能有效缓解因肌肉劳损和劳累引起的各种疼痛和炎症。

:: 膏药贴在患处,有效锁住药力,发挥持久止痛效果。

:: 功效- 肩膀僵硬、背痛、肌肉痛、肌肉疲劳、瘀伤、扭伤、关节痛、骨折痛、冻伤。

How To Use:
:: Please attach to the affected area several times a day.

:: 请每天数次贴在患处。

Product Specifications:
- Brand : Salonpas
- Made in Japan
- 1box 140 patches (20 Patches x 7 Packets)

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