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Japan DAISO Puff Sponge Detergent (80ml) | Sponge Cleaner | 日本 Daiso 粉扑海绵清洗剂

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Japan DAISO Puff Sponge Detergent (80ml) | Sponge Cleaner | 日本 Daiso 粉扑海绵清洗剂

 Amzbeauty96's Share with You:
:: A bottle of cleansing multiple makeup tools
:: Deep Cleaning
:: Sterilization and deodorization
:: The ingredients are mild
:: No added harmful ingredients

:: One bottle can clean many types of makeup tools
+ Such as puffs, sponges, and makeup brushes.

:: Regular cleansing of the makeup tools can reduce the contact of bacteria with the skin, thereby improving the growth of acne caused by blocked pores.

:: Contains botanical oils, emulsifiers, and cleansing actives to effectively deep clean residue from puffs.

:: It does not add harmful ingredients such as fragrance, pigments, preservatives, fluorescent agents, and bleaching agents
+ After cleansing the sponge, you can safely let the sponge touch your face.

:: Transparent watery liquid gently cleanses without damaging the skin.

:: After cleaning, it does not affect the softness of puffs and makeup brushes.

:: 一瓶清洗多种化妆工具
:: 深层清洁
:: 杀菌除臭
:: 成分温和
:: 不添加有害成分

:: 1瓶就能清洁多种类型的化妆工具
+ 如粉扑、美妆蛋、化妆刷。

:: 定期清洁化妆工具能减少细菌与肌肤的接触,从而改善毛孔阻塞引起的痘痘生长。

:: 含有植物油、乳化剂和清洁活性成分,可有效深层清洁粉扑上的残留物。

:: 它不添加香精、色素、防腐剂、荧光剂、漂白剂等有害成分
+ 因此清洁粉扑后,你可安心地让粉扑接触你的脸。

:: 透明水状液体,温和清洁,不伤肤。

:: 清洁后,不影响粉扑和化妆刷的柔软度。

How To Use:
:: Puff & Sponge Cleaning
1. After wetting the sponge, drop an appropriate amount of detergent on the sponge. (If you need to clean multiple sponges, add detergent to the water and soak the sponges for ten minutes.)
2. Then gently rub the sponge with your hands until the residue in the sponge washes off before rinsing with water.
3. Finally, squeeze the water out of the sponge and let it dry in a cool place.

:: Makeup Brush Cleaning
1. Put clean water in the container (the amount of water covers the brush head) and drop in an appropriate amount of detergent.
2. Put the brush in the container to soak for a while, and then wash it in a circular motion until the powder stains wash off before rinsing with water.
3. Blot it dry with paper towels and let it dry in a cool place.

:: 粉扑和海绵清洁
1. 海绵打湿后,在海绵上滴上适量的清洁剂 (如需清洗多个海绵时,可在水中加入清洁剂,并且将海绵浸泡十分钟即可)
2. 然后用手轻轻搓揉海绵,直到海绵中的残留物洗掉后才用清水冲洗干净。
3. 最后把海绵中的水挤出,并放在阴凉处晾干。

:: 化妆刷清洁
1. 在容器中放入清水 (水量盖过刷头) 并滴入适量的清洁剂。
2. 然后将刷子放入容器中浸泡片刻,再以打圈的方式清洗直到粉渍被洗掉后才用水冲洗干净。
3. 最后用纸巾吸干,并放在阴凉处晾干。

Product Specifications:
- Brand : DAISO
- Made In Japan
- 1ea x 80ml

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