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EVERTEEN EVERVITA PLUS Vitamin Effervescent Tablets (18T) | 韩国 EverVita Plus 高浓度维他命气泡锭 | 橘子泡腾片

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Expiry Date: 2023/12

EVERVITA PLUS Vitamin Effervescent Tablets (18T) | 韩国 EverVita Plus 高浓度维他命气泡锭 | 橘子泡腾片

 Amzbeauty96's Share with You:
:: One tablet contains 1000mg of vitamin C
:: Possesses a multivitamin
:: Stay away from colds
:: Increase immunity
:: Orange flavor
:: Convenient intake
:: Sugar-Free & Caffeine-Free

:: One serving contains double the amount of vitamins and nutrients
+ Comprehensively increase all resistances.
+ Eg: colds, tonsillitis, sore throat, gingivitis.

:: 1000mg of vitamin C is equal to 12 oranges or 15 kiwis.
+ Vitamin C is the vitamin that the human body needs almost every day.
+ It strengthens the immune system and has an antioxidant effect.
+ Inhibit free radicals and harmful substances in the body.
+ At the same time can promote iron and calcium absorption.

:: Vitamin B3 can convert food into energy
+ And promotes the normal functioning of the nervous system.
+ As well as relieve fatigue and tiredness.

:: Vitamin B6 is a coenzyme for protein and amino acid metabolism
+ And play a role in sleep, immune function, and cardiovascular health.

:: Vitamin B5 helps in the metabolism that breaks down fat, carbohydrates, and protein to produce energy.

:: No added sugar and caffeine. You can drink with confidence.

:: Refreshing orange flavor and carbonated bubbles are much better than carbonated drinks

:: Convenient intake.
+ Just add water to take a high concentration of vitamin C easily.

:: Who is it for ?
+ People who want to find it easy to take vitamins.
+People who want to prepare health supplements for the whole family.
+ People who want to boost their immunity.
+ People who stay up late for a long time and feel tired.
+ People who have an unbalanced diet.

:: 一片含有1000mg的维他命C
:: 拥有多种维生素
:: 远离感冒
:: 增加免疫力
:: 橘子口味
:: 方便摄入
:: 无糖、无咖啡因

:: 一份含有双倍量的维生素和营养素
+ 全面提升各个抵抗力。
+ 如: 感冒、扁桃体炎、喉咙痛、牙龈炎、上火都可以解决!

:: 1000mg的维他命C 相等于12个橙或15个奇异果。
+ 维他命C是人体每天最需要的维生素。
+ 它能够强化免疫系统与抗氧化作用。
+ 抑制体内自由基与有害物质,提升自我防护力。
+ 同时可以促进铁、钙的吸收。

:: 维他命B3 可以将食物转化为有用的能量
+ 并促进神经系统的正常运转。
+ 以及缓解疲劳和疲倦。

:: 维他命B6 是一种制造蛋白质和氨基酸代谢的辅酶
+ 并在在睡眠、免疫功能和心血管健康上发挥作用。

:: 维他命B5 有助于分解脂肪、碳水化合物和蛋白质以产生能量的代谢。

:: 不添加砂糖和咖啡因,因此你可以更放心饮用。

:: 清新的橘子味与碳酸的气泡感比碳酸饮料好喝多了

:: 方便摄入,只需加水喝就能轻松地服用高浓度维他命C。

:: 适用于以下人群:
+ 想要轻松服用维生素的人。
+ 想为全家人准备保健品的人。
+ 想要增强免疫力的人。
+ 长期熬夜,感到疲倦的人。
+ 饮食不均衡者。

How To Use:
:: One tablet per day, it is recommended to drink it after meals.
+ Add one vitamin effervescent tablet into the water (160ml-200ml) and drink it directly after one minute.

:: 每天一粒,建议饭后饮用。
+ 将一片维他命泡腾片加入水中 (160ml-200ml),一分钟后直接饮用即可。

Product Specifications:
- Brand : EverTeen
- Made In Korea
- 1ea x 18 tablets

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