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DR.G BRIGHTENING PEELING GEL (120g) | 韩国 Dr.G 亮白 去角质凝胶

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DR.G BRIGHTENING PEELING GEL (120g) | 韩国 Dr.G 亮白 去角质凝胶

 AMZBEAUTY96's Share with You:
:: Mild exfoliation
:: Vitamin Brightening effect
:: Skin tone improvement
:: Moisturizing Skin
:: Suitable for all type skin
:: Also great for sensitive skin

:: Effectively brighten the skin tone and remove dead skin cells without causing irritation.

:: Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and patented vitamin C add moisture and a lively glow after the exfoliation.

:: Improve skin's texture, brighten their complexion, and maintain hydration levels.

:: Smooth peeling care without skin irritation Low, medium, and high cellulose particle concentrations remove old and fine dead skin cells from the skin.

:: Peeling with Barrier Strengthening and low-irritation skin-absorbable aqua ceramide and subacid formulation that protects the skin while peeling.

:: HyalVita provides Revitalizing Hydration. HyalVita, which contains low MW hyaluronic acid and patented vitamin C, moisturizes and revitalizes the skin.

:: You can see the improvement after use
+ Skin tone improvement
+ Skin moisture level improvement

:: Its hypoallergenic natural exfoliating formula is recommend for those with tired, sensitive, and hyperpigmented skin.

:: 温和去角质
:: 维生素美白效果
:: 提升肤色
:: 保湿肌肤
:: 适合所有肤质
:: 对敏感肌肤也非常适用

:: 有效提亮肤色,去除死皮细胞而不引起刺激。

:: 低分子透明质酸和专利维生素C在去角质后添加滋润和活力的光彩。

:: 改善皮肤质地,提亮肤色,保持水分平衡。

:: 温和去角质,不刺激皮肤。低、中、高纤维素颗粒浓度能够清除肌肤老旧和细小的死皮细胞。

: 在去角质的同时保护皮肤,采用易于被皮肤吸收的神经酰胺和弱酸配方进行去角质,使用屏障强化和低刺激性皮肤。

:: HyalVita提供活力滋润。HyalVita含有低分子透明质酸和专利维生素C,能够滋润和活化肌肤。

:: 使用后可以看到肌肤的明显改善
+ 提升肤色
+ 保湿肌肤

:: 推荐对疲惫、敏感和黑色素沉淀的肌肤使用,其低过敏的天然去角质配方非常适合。

How To Use:
1. After wash your face, put an adequate amount of 'Brightening Peeling Gel' to your wet skin.
2. Massage and exfoliate the skin gently with your fingers.
3. Thoroughly rinse with lukewarm water.

** It is recommended for use once or twice a week to achieve a soft, radiant complexion.

1. 洗脸后,在湿润的皮肤上取适量的「Brightening Peeling Gel」。
2. 用手指轻轻按摩和去角质。
3 用温水彻底冲洗。

** 建议每周使用一到两次,以达到透亮、光滑的肤色。

Product Specifications:
- Brand : DR.G
- Made In Korea
- 1ea x 120g

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