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CELLOMON Foot Peel Spray (35ml / 180ml) | Korea Cellomon 足部去角质喷雾 | 去脚皮| 脚跟滑嫩嫩

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CELLOMON Foot Peel Spray (35ml / 180ml) | Korea Cellomon 足部去角质喷雾 | 去脚皮| 脚跟滑嫩嫩

 AMZBEAUTY96's Share with You:
:: A good helper for foot exfoliation
:: Makes the soles of your feet smooth
:: Safe ingredients, non-irritating
:: Can also be used on rough hands and knees
:: Simply spray and rub, bid farewell to thick calluses and dark pigmentation

:: Cellomon Foot Peel Spray
+ Developed and manufactured by a well-known Korean company
+ Designed as a spray that can be pressed to apply
+ Simply spray on areas with thick calluses
+ Wait for 10-15 seconds for it to absorb slightly
+ Start rubbing away the dead skin cells and then wipe clean to complete the process

:: Can easily help natural shedding of dead skin cells and remove calluses to make your feet smoother

:: In addition to using it on the feet, it can also be used on rough hands, elbows, and knees to effectively remove dead skin cells and improve pigmentation.

:: The main ingredients are green tea and chamomile extracts
+ Effectively softens calluses and removes dirt

:: It has a gentle nature and is completely non-irritating
+ Has undergone low irritation tests and clinical trials for sensitive skin
+ Can be safely used without causing allergies

:: After Use Experience
+ If you want to be even lazier and faster in removing dead skin cells, you can use a foot scrubber after spraying, and you will be surprised by the results you get!

:: 足部去角质的好帮手
:: 让脚底变得光滑
:: 成分安全、不致敏
:: 粗糙的手轴、膝盖都可以使用
:: 只需喷一喷、搓一搓,厚角质、黑色素 “拜拜”

:: Cellomon Foot Peel Spray 足部去角质喷雾
+ 由韩国知名大厂研发制造
+ 按压式的喷雾设计
+ 只需要喷在角质层厚的地方
+ 停留10-15秒,等稍微吸收后
+ 开始搓搓去角质,再拭干净,就完成了

:: 可轻易使角质自然脱落、去除死皮,让脚底变得更加光滑

:: 除了使用在脚以外,能使用在粗糙的手轴、膝盖,有效的去死皮、改善色素呢

:: 主要成份是绿茶和菊花粹物
+ 有效软化角质,带走脏污

:: 性质温和、完全不刺激,
+ 通过低刺激检测、敏感肌临床实验等
+ 绝对可安心使用、不致敏

:: 使用心得
+ 如果想再懒点,和快速去死皮,喷完之后,可用磨脚器,轻轻搓,你会有个意想不到的效果‼ ️ 

How To Use:
1. Clean your feet thoroughly.
2. Shake the Cellomon spray and spray it onto your dry and cracked feet.
3. Let it sit for 10 seconds, then start rubbing it with your hands (or use a foot scrubber).
4. As the old and tough dead skin peels off, rinse it off with water.
*Can also be used on rough elbows and knees.

*It is normal to experience itching and peeling during use.
🔔 After use, apply some foot care or lotion. 🔔

1. 将足部清洁干净后
2. 将Cellomon 喷雾 摇一摇,喷在干燥干裂的脚上
3. 静置10秒后,开始用手搓一搓(也可搭配一般的磨脚器)
4. 老硬角质剥离中,再用清水冲洗干净即可


Product Specifications:
- Brand : Cellomon
- Made In Korea
- 1ea x 35ml or 180ml

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