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AHC Ampoule Directory PHA Solution (20ml) | AHC PHA 果酸 乳糖酸 毛孔护理精华

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AHC Ampoule Directory PHA Solution (20ml) | AHC PHA 果酸 乳糖酸 毛孔护理精华

 AMZBEAUTY96's Share with You:
:: Recommended by Taiwan's Kevin
:: Perfect proportion acid brush
:: Moisturizing and non-irritating
:: Suitable for acne-prone skin
:: Significant improvement for enlarged pores and rough skin texture

:: Precisely targets 4 major pore problems within 2 weeks, verified by a Korean medical beauty laboratory
+ Pore quantity -36.7%*
+ Pore area -37.3%*
+ Pore volume -16.7%*
+ Pore depth -13.3%*
+ *Results of third-party laboratory tests (Korea, 2020), evaluated by instruments after 22 participants used the product for two weeks. Actual results may vary.

:: Highly recommended by Kevin:
+ AHC's exclusive Perfect Proportions Brush Acid Renewal Formula is suitable for all skin types, combining the latest acid peeling and counter moisture loss technology for visible pore reduction and skin revitalization.

:: The texture is gentle and highly moisturizing, with small water-soluble molecules that are quickly absorbed, leaving the skin feeling hydrated and non-irritated. It is mild on the skin, free of fragrance and alcohol.

:: The highly effective moisture-locking film makes the pore refining process moisturizing and burden-free, maintaining skin balance and moisture, and allowing subsequent skincare products to penetrate more easily to the base layer.

:: Suitable for all skin types: not just oily skin, but any skin type can use it because the ingredients are very mild. (However, because everyone's physical condition is different, it is recommended to test the product on the hand or behind the ear before use to find the most suitable product.)

:: Suitable for skin concerns: Recommended for those with acne, pore congestion, rough skin texture, or large pores who wish to improve skin renewal and reduce pore size.

:: Kevin 老师推荐
:: 完美比例刷酸
:: 水润不会刺激
:: 痘痘肌可以使用
:: 毛孔粗大、粗糙都能有显著变化

:: 乖乖用2周,精准击破毛孔4大问题,韩国医美实验室证实
+ 毛孔数量 -36.7%*
+ 毛孔面积 -37.3%*
+ 毛孔体积 -16.7%*
+ 毛孔深度 -13.3%*
+ *指第三方实验室测试结果(韩国,2020),22位受试者使用产品两周后仪器评估结果,实际效果因人而异。

:: Kevin 老师大力推荐:
+  AHC独家创新打造出全肤质适用的完美比例刷酸焕肤配方以最新刷酸焕肤及专柜保湿配方,有感焕肤缩毛孔。

:: 质地温和还非常保湿,水溶性小分子吸收超快速,完全不紧绷,温和代谢老废角质,刷酸焕肤水润不会刺激,温和不易刺激,无添加香料、酒精。

:: 高效锁水膜,让毛孔焕肤过程滋润无负担,维持肌肤平衡、保湿,让后续保养品容易趁透直达基底

:: 适用肤质:不仅油肌,因为成分非常温和,所以任何肤质都可以使用。 (但当然,因为每个人体质、状况有所不同,使用前建议还是先试用在手上,或者耳后,能够更容易找到适合自己的产品。)

:: 适用肌肤困扰:脸上痘痘、毛孔粉刺等困扰,或是想减少肌肤粗糙感、焕肤改善毛孔粗大问题等,都非常推荐使用。

 How To Use:
Multiple Ways of Use:
1. Direct use:
+ After cleansing, take 2-3 drops and apply to the face.

2. Mix with moisturizer
+ Add 1 drop to your lotion or cream and mix well.

3. Mix with toner for moist compress
+ Add 1 drop to your toner and soak a cotton pad, then use it for a moist compress.

1. 直接使用:洁面后,取2-3滴,涂于面部。
2. 搭配乳霜:在乳液或者面霜中加入1滴,混合使用。
3. 搭配爽肤水 湿敷:加入 1 滴与爽肤水混合并浸泡在化妆棉中使用。

 Product Specifications:
- Brand : AHC
- Made In Korea
- 1ea x 20ml

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